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Medication Management

The Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, established a requirement, that Medicare Part D plans offering prescription drug coverage, institute Medication Management programs for eligible beneficiaries. Medication Management is now covered by many HMOs and Medicare Advantage plans

Did you know your community Pharmacist can help improve delivery of your patients' primary care?

Independent Pharmacists have provided these kinds of services since the term "pharmaceutical care" was first introduced in 1990.

Most office visits involve medications for chronic conditions. But to be truly effective, these medications require assessment of their effectiveness, their cost and patients' adherence to recommended regimens. But many patients have concerns with these requirements as well as the delivery form and timing of their doses.

When you work collaboratively with your MYERS Medical Pharmacist, you'll find that your patients are better able to obtain personalized information about their medications and have better communication with you, their health providers.

At MYERS Medical, our Pharmacists can help by:

  • Compiling a personal medication record to help exchange information among your doctors
  • Performing comprehensive reviews of prescribed and self-care medications
  • Resolving medication-related problems
  • Optimizing complex regimens
  • Designing adherence programs, and
  • Recommending cost-effective therapies.
  • Providing vital feedback

Recently-completed studies found that when patients took advantage of these services, the cost of their medical care went down by an average of nearly $100 per intervention. Inappropriate medications for the elderly were reduced, and treatment shifted from acute medications to chronic medications; resulting in greater savings from fewer office visits, laboratory services, urgent care and emergency room visits and lost work time. Of patients who were not at pre-defined goals when they enrolled in these programs, 55.0% improved, and 95.3% felt their overall health, well-being and quality of life had improved.