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Treatment for Wrinkles

Aging Skin Is A Natural Part Of Getting Older. It Begins The Moment We Are Born.

As early as our 20s, our skin begins to slowly and steadily show the signs of aging. Blood flow in the peripheral regions of our bodies decreases and our skin loses its shine and pinkish color. With time, the moisture of the lower layers of our skin becomes insufficient. We can experience flaking and dryness, and differences in our skin's pigmentation, along with spots and freckles.

We don't replace dead skin cells as quickly, our collagen production slows and our skin loses elasticity. We lose sweat and oil glands in our skin. We begin to experience fine wrinkles, thinner skin, a 'hollow' look due to loss of fat below the skin, sagging skin and dry or itchy skin.

Exposure To The Sun Is The Major Cause Of Skin Aging

Our skin ages primarily, from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun, which over the years makes our skin thinner. It batters our skin's cells with energy that can penetrate the cell walls and cause changes in our skin's cellular structure:

  • Degradation of collagen and elastin fibers
  • Over-production of free radicals
  • Reduced cellular activity
  • DNA modification

Our skin also suffers damage from repeated sleeping positions, facial expressions and smoking.

Dealing With Wrinkles Involves A Regimen Of Cleansing, Treatment And Prevention

As a compounding pharmacy, MYERS Medical can help with treatment and prevention. We can prepare a variety of topical creams that contain these necessary ingredients:

  • Retonic Acid is a Vitamin A derivative, a member of the retinoid family. It provides a light chemical peel that speeds the natural exfoliation process and enhances collagen production, helping the skin to renew itself.
  • Chrysaderm acts as a barrier against the many external and internal causes of aging skin. Its ingredients include:
    • Biopeptides, which reduce the appearance of existing facial wrinkles and induces synthesis of collagen and elastin
    • Coenzyme Q-10, which protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals
    • DMAE Complex, which may help prevent the aging of skin and increase firmness
    • Glycosaminoglycans, which increase skin elasticity and resistance to external irritants

If you have a question about this condition or any of the medications available to treat it, please feel free to use the "Email Us" button at the top of the page, or call us.