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Compounding Pharmacy CA

Benefits of Compounding

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  • Brand-neutral ingredient knowledge
  • Greater Purity
  • Higher Concentrations
  • Pre-tested and constantly monitored
  • Prepared with specialized equipment and chemicals not found in most pharmacies
  • Precisely calibrated and more acceptable delivery forms
    • Capsules, troches, creams, ointments, suppositories
  • Prepared to precise weights and volumes
    • To the milligram and milliliter
    • Within 5% of USP* standards
    • Independently random-tested by Dynalab
      • Measurement confirmed to be within 98.96%
  • Exact quantity packaging
  • More concentrated & Less costly
  • Combinations of medications into a single dosage form
  • Free of problem-causing excipients
    • e.g. sugar, lactose, dyes, alcohol, gluten, preservatives
  • Transdermal delivery avoids side effects
    • Gastro-intestinal irritation and organ complications
    • Stable bases won’t separate – longer shelf life
    • Avoids cost and inconvenience of intravenous, injections
  • Liquid forms for children and patients with nausea or problems swallowing
  • Palatable flavors for children and animals
  • Proactive follow-up, feedback and Rx modification

Partners & Associations

International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists California Pharmacists Association Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Pharmacy Compounding California national community pharmacists association Greater Ukiah Chamber of Commerce

Client Testimonials

     "The staff gives personal and knowledgeable      pharmaceutical advice efficiently and reasonably.      You won't find this kind of service just anywhere!      We love Myers Medical Pharmacy!"

Transdermal Medications

Transdermal means 'through the skin.' Topically-applied, transdermal medications have a number of significant advantages over orally-delivered medications, because they

The transdermal and topically-applied medications we prepare have been used in treating a variety of conditions:

We use only the most soluble cream and ointment bases, to insure optimum compatibility with thorough amalgamation of the medicines involved, and longest possible stability. The ingredients we most commonly use in transdermal medications include