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MYERS Mission, Values, & Vision

MYERS Mission

At MYERS Medical Pharmacy, our commitment is to provide the highest quality pharmaceutical care through the very best professional services and products, delivered by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people.

Helping individual patients with individual medications

Driven by our belief that no two individuals are exactly alike and our deep concern about the individual needs of every patient, our mission is to provide unique health care solutions using both commercially available pharmaceuticals and customized, compounded prescription medications. We are dedicated to formulating creative, individualized, compounded medications that can improve compliance, maximize the potential for therapeutic success and reduce the overall cost of healthcare — helping patients achieve their unique health goals — to improve and maintain their quality of life.


We are keenly attuned to the needs of our patients and the physicians who serve them.

We are committed to:

  • Facilitating patient education and advice
  • Providing comprehensive consulting services including screening for conflicting and duplicate medications and maximizing patients' insurance benefits
  • Collaborating with healthcare providers to discuss treatment options, inform them about therapies we have found helpful for other patients with similar health concerns, and/ or to develop unique formulations for our patients
  • Maintaining a state-of-the-art, full service retail pharmacy that specializes in customized and contemporary compounding
  • Employing highly trained Pharmacists and Technicians who are experts in pharmacy compounding and committed to life-long learning
  • Staying on the leading edge of drug therapies through continuing education
  • Adopting policies and procedures that assure our facility, equipment and people meet our industry's most demanding standards
  • Assuring that every ingredient we use in compounding medication is of the highest quality available
  • Ensuring that every compound is formulated and verified by a Pharmacist, prepared and precisely measured by a licensed Technician
  • Regularly testing our formulations for accuracy by an independent laboratory to be consistently accurate to at least USP standards.
  • Maintaining active memberships in pharmacy organizations such as Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP), and the California Pharmacists Association.
  • Recognizing the value of every person, guided by our commitment to excellence by:
    • Providing exemplary care for each of our patients.
    • Building a work environment where each person is valued and respected and is given
    • an opportunity for personal and professional growth.
    • Advancing excellence in health services through education.
    • Fostering a culture of discovery in all our activities.
    • Maintaining an extensive support network of relationships with members of our healthcare community.
    • Providing services as though each patient were a member of our family.


While pharmaceutical and insurance companies increase their focus on balance sheets, we envision a community where patients and medical practitioners fully understand the capabilities and benefits of the complete range of solutions available, including compounded medications.

Our goal is to become the region's leading source for compounded medications. We anticipate expanding our coverage of treatment areas, creating greater awareness among practitioners and the community.